"Some people say my poetry reminds them of lyrics to a song and when they ask where does it all come from, I just say, pure feeling. That's why the words come from such a vulnerable place."
- B. Jackson

The Poetry.

From a very young age, it was the consciousness and raw honesty in the lyrics of music throughout the 90's that inspired Brandon to become a spoken word poet. Between the years of 2006-2012, he chronicled the beautiful and dark times of relationships he experienced through his writing. Those poems came to birth his first contribution as an author entitled, The Parts Medicine Can't Reach. Now with ever-changing looks on love, life and self, Brandon's creative goal is to provide an impact through words by allowing poems to be a bridge for others wanting to relate...and heal.

The Poet.

Poet, performer and author, Brandon L. Jackson is a young writer whose work is about love and all its forms, self-worth, and being brave in your expression. Once a traveling slam poet during his college days, he retired from the competition aspect to focus more on it being a universal and spiritual connection to the people. 
His inspirations expand from musicians to poets such as Lauryn Hill & Jill Scott, to Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Rumi, Sunni Patterson & Maya Angelou.